Maximise your productivity by automating repetitive tasks by using some of our productivity apps, Iexus Marketing provides a series of apps and bots that will free up your time and allow you to maximise the benefits of the time you spend on other tasks.


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Getting the horse to drink

Getting your prospect to your site is one thing but with competing distractions, persuading them to take the next step be it, subscribe, download, call or buy is harder… Shoulders of giants

Driving engagement

You usually have just between 5 and 10 seconds to grab the attention of your prospect. Having a great product or offer is of no use if you don’t get the chance to pitch…. The hook

Video killed the radio star

The advantages of using video as the conduit for your message are manifold. But crucially people are used to digesting information delivered in this way on a daily basis… Why?

Taking control

Using text as your predominant medium of delivery cedes the control to your prospect of the order in which your message is received and assimilated… How to gain control

Measuring attention

With video how your message is being digested can be observed and measured using comprehensive playback metrics, giving you feedback on where the prospect may lose interest… Show me

Building a relationship

Business is built on forming relationships. The way that you articulate your message impacts hugely on your ability to build that immediate relationship with your prospect… More than a proposal

Make An Animated Video

Make An Animated Video

February 2, 2015

Learning To Trade

Learning To Trade

January 17, 2015

Virtual Trading Assistant

Virtual Trading Assistant

January 16, 2015

Last Orders

Last Orders

January 16, 2015

HandBaked With Love

HandBaked With Love

January 16, 2015

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One More Beer

March 30, 2014

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March 23, 2013

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Talented Team

We have an international team of highly talented individuals who bring both experience and creativity  to your project

Concept To Completion

We take your thoughts, ideas and requirements and bring them to life in the digital format that you desire.

Responsive Design

We aim to ensure that the work we deliver works in as many available formats as possible , be it desktop, tablet or mobile

Meeting Deadlines

We aim to work with your team as closely as possible in order to delver projects to meet your marketing schedule’s requirements.

Production Hours
Teas & Coffees
Conference Calls

"Excellent work delivered in a timely and efficient manner. All in all an extremely professional service that I would happily recommend to anyone."

− Bob Hamilton, Pub Maintenance Company

"Wonderful result that exceeded all my expectations. I can’t praise Jess and her team enough for all the help she has given."

− Lucy Haylett, HandBaked With Love

"Thanks for the great work. We are very happy with the result. Indeed Admin almost signed up for our own product! We couldn't be happier and will definitely use Iexus again. "

− Forex Traders Corp

A Breeze To Work With

With any creative project the key to successfully delivery is having a flexible yet robust process is in place to ensure that ideas / brief, project assets and goals are in place at the right time for optimum results….

Our Process

Information Overload

Our library of articles is being constantly updated. You will find it full of useful information and will not only give you a good overview of the current marketing trends but also looks at the way browsing habits are changing…

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Shinning Brightly

One of the advantages of taking a more visual approach to marketing your product or company  is the number of places that you can use to showcase your offer / brand / company allowing you to attract a larger audience….

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